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Enterprise Security Profile Model (ESPM)

March19, 2021

Kent Pankratz

 License description: 
Objective of the license: 1) Give proper credit for the work. Acknowledge the origin of the work and those that have contributed to the work.

2) Use and improve the source code. Return any improvements to Verity Security, LLC for updates to the ESPM.

3) Reap the rewards. Use the ESPM to improve your security profile or use it for your own financial benefit while improving other organizations.

This is a Free Cultural Work 
This solution is catigorized under the Free Software Definition

Based on a work at:
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at: or
Use of the CIS CSC version 6.x and 7.x is granted by permission from the CIS CRITICAL SECURITY CONTROLS SUPPORTER LICENSE AGREEMENT with Verity Security, LLC. Other entities use of the CIS CSC version 6 or 7 in connection with the ESPM is limited to the original CIS licensing agreements.